What makes a fresh home? An open living space with courtyard therein!

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A project of MM++ Architects mixes cheap material and fresh fashion with classic construction propositions. By doing this, the project is concentrating on a ground-breaking method to the ordinary construction of the middle range urban living in Vietnam.

This fresh building spans 255 square meters in a housing district of Saigon, called Ho Minh City, Vietnam. The building was constructed as a house for family with 3 kids, keeping a practical point while giving the effect of modern style.

Becoming a spacious open area which stretches into the kitchen and dining room, this housing lets parents to watch over their offspring who either doing homework or playing around, while making the dinner for family.

Under the skylight at the border of the main room, there is a little courtyard inside. The courtyard is specially created to separate the bedroom from the living space of the house whilst presenting the splendor of the nature.

In spite of the limited amount of money available, the modest living space was decorated in classy design. By the small budget, the decorations were kept minimalist, using a concrete structure, ceramic tiles and plain brickwork. It were also made unique in a way that its roof, the corrugated iron, covered with insulating substance to leave the substantial cost at the top furniture and spec gadgetry.


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