Well-appointed House in Neutral Furnishings

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Rafael Reis, the architect, smoothly renders this home, exposing simple yet comfortable ambience in his design. Within the pale neutral palettes that allow limited range of home accessories, the furniture immerse nicely in surround nature. And along with the beautiful view of the city beyond, the open plan living area is rich of natural light from the ceiling windrows to the large floor through the CGI layouts.

To present utilitarian ambience, the dwelling has minimalist yet functional design by the installation of solid block walls.

There is a recliner seat made of fine leather. The chair has by a footstool to provide you a relaxing space, complete with huge floating shelves consisting extensive book collection.

The casual arrangement of personal belongings creates cozy outlook of the interior while the glow of the hidden strip lighting brings warm feeling to the airy space.

Sleek finishes help create modern comfort in this living space whilst the comfort zones appear homely within the brown large rugs that cover the milky white floor.

The monochrome décor provides strong lines to the kitchen. The table lamp and dining area have been kept minimalist to make both elements appear nicely side by side.

Link: Rafael Reis


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