Villa Escudero: The Guerrilla Waterfalls Restaurant in Philippine

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Situated in Quezon Province, Philippines, this Villa Escudero offers a great hacienda packed with cozy rooms and a curious things museum. Probably the most curious object found in this villa is the impressive Waterfalls Restaurant. Here, the meal is served opposing an amazing backdrop of noisy spring stream. The bamboo dining tables and buffet stations which are bordered with grass stand firmly only a few inches from the streaming river of the glittering waterfalls. It seems as the river water washes surround the dinners’ feet while they enjoy yummy local dishes.

Enjoying the food while having clear water flowing over your feet would surely become an unforgettable experience of your holiday moment, if not your most extraordinary moment ever. Certainly, there is no other place in the world that offers such memorable and unique experience dining time.

The other part of Villa Escudero is flooded by nature with the tropical Philippine landscape and amusing scenery of bamboo decks viewing the waterscape of Labasin Lake.

The deluxe resort provides an opportunity to paddle a local bamboo raft over the calm waters. Otherwise, if you prefer to be back on dry surface for a moment, you can have a rustic village tour via jeepney or study the way coconuts are harvested at the private plantation of Villa Escudero.


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