Vietnamese Luxury Interiors

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Just look at the visualization from Open design and you will agree that this is truly a masterpiece. This Vietnamese firm designs adorable interior in rich timber flooring, sparkling wall panel and lamps. The modern wooden grain helps create a spacious dwelling in open plan concept. The decoration mostly employs natural tone and textures but still glowing the elegantly. Here you can find Barcelona seats and degenerate fabrics, giving us clue that this interior makes use of every single resource available. Creating a focal element, there are large prints and paintings, promoting a work-of-art ambiance throughout the space.

This house features a glamour spa in gold tone, accessorized by adjacent candle lit step. Tiles cover the ceiling to floor space where artful takes place. Contrasting textures and smooth and shiny tile in luxurious pebble, the stepping stones appear as a zen-like garden near the bed.

The unique lightings are cleverly organized to spread peaceful glowing elements. The ceilings cover up the rope lamp to, giving a calm brightness just about the room perimeters within the neat arrangements of built-in bright cans and generous luminaries. The twinkling light has dual functions, ambience and brightness. However, this magnificent dwelling will still look gorgeous if you replace the light with another one. What do think?


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