Uniquely Egg-shaped Tree house in Canada

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Joel Allen, an IT worker-cum-carpenter, has a dream of building a living area which naturally joined together in the correct position with the environment of his beloved forest around Whistler, British Columbia in Canada. His interesting dream came to reality after he found 2 companions, all fresh new architects, who help him setting his path of this distinctive egg-shaped tree house which later called HemLoft Weekend Cabin.

For a month searching for the best tree on the best zone of land, the perfect location was selected. Having no money to get the property, Joel Allen took risky action in living at the public forest. He says that the most difficult thing in delivering his dream into reality was to find an ideal area on crowd land. He had an informal requirements checklist, which included the crucial thing: sufficient distance to a road, even out of sight and earshot of traffic. The next requirement was not easy to qualify, but strongly important, that was about the shape of the egg itself, it must be balance with the size of the tree and go well with the environment. He tells that he could not explain precisely what it was, but he believed he would know it at the time he saw it.

After he had found an area of old growth outside the major development of expensive houses Joel Allen started a long project of secret construction, which continued for several years.

The construction project was finished three years later and Allen desired to share the attraction of the tree house with everyone. The only problem that lasts is that he doesn’t technically own the property because it was built on public area. Allen now faces the risk that the tree house will be destroyed by the officials. But for now, the tree house remain safe, hidden in the woods.


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