Trendy Proportion Wrapped In Contemporary Style

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Located in Russia, Sava Studio presents its tremendous today living style. Their veteran stylists precisely pick this collection that has excellent quality of open plan house of contemporary discerning proportions which continue the ooze deluxe as well as statement creating smooth and shiny bedroom setting.

Similar color palette and arrangement of light has been used all over the living area in order to provide seamless smooth continuous style to kitchen dinner from the entrance and lounge space.

Scarcely presents there to get more feeling of larger space, a transparent dining table had been used to allow brightness and beautiful sight passing through.

Separating the dining zone, practical cooking and relaxation area, an L-shaped sofa brings a sectioning solution which seemed to fit well with the things around it for an open plan dwelling.

Instead of mixing the kitchen with its marking style into the background setting of the open plan area, the cabinetry that is likely to attract pubic attention has been grabbed as a clever opportunity to present a compulsive strong tone, nearly a part of the wall with the purpose of creating the color scene of the whole living space.

At a place where the sofa bed using the similar detail as used on the near dining chairs, a perfect rug delivers the interesting tone drama into the greater distance at the living space.

The following bedroom has a spacious feeling through using the front part of the fixed closet as a space for a large picture of stunning cityscape to be painted. At the same time, a winged headboard creates a splendor sensation.


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