Transforming Your Outdoor Areas into Small Paradises

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Outdoor living cannot be separated from today’s lifestyle. Homeowners are now looking for ways to turn their exterior into a relaxing and attractive extension of their house during warmer weather.

Lonny, an online magazine which is published every two months, becomes a must-to-have fanzine of home décor. From the designer and photographer expertise, Michelle Adams and Patrick Cline, this magazine contains stunning photos to provide inspiration to the exteriors. Prove it yourself with their images below which include luxury poolside cabana, sun terrace, pool house, white porch, garden pegola, rustic outdoor table, circular fire pit and airy sun lawn.

            A pegola form stages in your serene garden. They look lovely and serve as a shade to protect you from the heat of summer. Add more punch of color by hanging artful lanterns under your pegola. They appear nicely both in daytime dining and night drinking time. Make sure to provide cozy seating and pillows to make your guests spend a little more time in the garden.

If you are blessed with bigger garden, install a cabana to protect you from the sun light as well as the bleak wind in cooler weather.


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