Tips to have an organised and clean kitchen

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Make your kitchen organized by adopting intelligent tips. There can be hundreds of small tips you can pick in order to have a stylish, neat and organized kitchen. To have an organized kitchen first of all have a deep look around your kitchen and sort out the things. Here I am sharing some really useful tips. To portray a neat shelves of your kitchen fix the place of all kitchen accessories like cutlery, dishes and etc.

  • Use racks and baskets for your washed dishes and always place them in the baskets and racks so that all of the members in the house can easily pick them and place them back after use.
  • Do not forget to have a covered trash bin in the kitchen to avoid mess and garbage.
  • Always place your kitchen gadgets and accessories on the right place. You can use hangings to hang sauce pans and frying pans.
  • You can use fitted and air tight boxes for your sugar, salt and spices and other things.
  • Place a basket which contains ketchup, mayonnaises and other spreads so that you can pick them quickly.
  • Always have a towel and a roll of tissue paper in your kitchen to keep your hands clean during cooking.
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