Think Vertically with These Cool Beds

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Adapting to the open plan living space where everything is visible or to the compact houses nowadays, this is the perfect moment to think vertical.

Beds are one of the biggest furniture we have and they require a large space on the floor. Furthermore, in today’s life, numerous modern families live separately, whether for the reason of career choices or education. Therefore, the numbers of beds available for visiting family members become highly important. Taking up these considerations into account, some skillful designers have designed upward beds in similar concept to bunk beds, to enable the house having some extra spaces or even large storage areas.

You might be surprised to know that adult love to sleep on bunk bed just as a child does, so this design is suitable for any age. In recent years, you are provided with various forms and choices of bunk beds. As you can see in the modern foldaway beds, they become a neat way round of sleeping arrangements when you have some occasional guests around. When they are not used any more, you can easily slip them away discreetly, stylishly, and quickly.

If you need bigger bed, you can utilize large mezzanines to have double or king-sized mattresses. These mezzanine sleeping spaces give you sensation as if you are sleeping in a tree house. Just be careful not to fall out for there is no grass under your imaginative tree house!


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