The Underwater Discus Hotel

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Planned to be built in Dubai soon, this capital Water Discus Hotel is brought to life by deep Ocean Technology. The element of this building would include one above-water and one underwater disc, joined by 3 hard supporting legs which are fastened to the sea bed, plus a vertical shaft which is filled with daylight to contain stairway and lift.

This hotel provides dual choice for its guests, to bath in the warm weather on the upper deck and to sleep deep down in the ocean. There are 21 rooms in this hotel, each is submersed in the middle of a colorful coral reef with pleasant view of aquatic world, brighten with certain lighting systems. By this facility, guests have the opportunity to use miniature underwater vehicle with macro photography to enable them looking closer at the microscopic creatures from their suite. There is also a diving center to allow every guest to personally get up close, by a decompression chamber and an underwater airlock which takes divers directly to the deep ocean.

Marking the center of the satellite nearby and modern sky disc, a gigantic swimming pool is available to be accessed via transparent connecting ways which tunnel through the training pool of diving, hold a recreation area, special spa, and restaurant.

Additional seawater swimming pools are located at the rooftop, flourished with a beautiful garden. There is also an indoor multifunctional lobby hiding screens which monitor the whole aquatic area, including a glance at diving practices in real-time.

In accordance to the innovative design that includes personal modules which can be replaced and detached with new ones, Water Discus Hotel can be expanded into larger resort complex, and can also be built and rebuilt anywhere to provide opportunities of staying underwater permanently in unlimited locations of the world.

To have a tour and see one of those magnificent rooms from the inside, click on the video below:


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