The Stylish Makeover of Singaporean Multifunctional Apartment

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Stanley Tham, a chief designer of KNQ Associates released the following images of ‘before and after make over’ of Singaporean apartment. He told that this 550 square feet one-bedroom HDB flat which is located in the middle of town belongs to a rich woman who had lived in this apartment since her childhood. Staying with her mother presently, the lady finally found the perfect moment to renovation after years passed.

The rejuvenation aimed at creating a functional and chic ‘semi bachelorette living space’. Even though the pad’s owner is not exactly living alone, it would express his personality and help create a cozy retreat after hours of hustle and bustle at the busy workplace.

Every single piece of the furniture in this flat is designed to make sure that it is multifunctional. For example, there is a tall storage set to prevent the electric cables from being seen; whilst serves as an unusually attractive light source at the top of the shoe bench nearby, which is also functioned as an odd guest seating.

To make the room appear larger than its real size, the apartment has a mirrored wall, which at the same time, spread brightness around the pad.

To make it more suitable for man, the color combination of yellow and aqua blue was skillfully applied. This imaginative tone combination freshen the room from the unattractive and unfashionable scene.

Layered in, the strange fabrics and modish accessories bring the room life and cheer.

The tones have been kept simple in this space, in order to imaginatively create broader space.

The guest bed/day bed helps morphing the utility space into an office-com-recreation space.

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