The Stunning House of the Ghostwriter Movie

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Released as the Ghost in England, this movie suite of The Ghost Writer is an impressive beach house at Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts. Featuring lustrous Walter Knoll interior in mysterious pale color palette, this imaginative dwelling still remains just as a dream. Because the disreputable cult Roman Polanski was prohibited to enter USA, the movie was in fact not even made in this country.

            The political thriller is starred by Olivia Williams, Pierce Bosnan, Kim Cattrall, and Ewan McGregor, but here, our star was the Prime Minister’s property. The façade was constructed at Usedom, Germany to shot of the imposing contemporary building. The luxurious interior shots were taken on sets constructed in Babelsberg.

            At daytime, the fortress of the home was filled with sunlight from the huge windows framing relaxing views, giving illustration of the isolated space of the living area. The landscape tone spread into the striking interior whilst the natural texture usage fuses the outside and inside areas.

When the night falls, the Lang’s estate becomes a splendid haven flooded by soft lighting, morphing into a sophisticating comfortable space.

Sprinkles of hue splice the interior decoration in the form of huge art canvases, reminding the sensation of contemporary art gallery.


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