The Spread Movie Home in Los Angeles

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Situated on Hollywood Hills, this residence was decorated by Xten Architecture, a Los Angeles based firm. Randolph Duke, as the previous possessor of this residence, asked the firm to construct a bespoke cantilevered house which would stick out on the sloping surface of the hill. Being a stylist and fashion artist, Randolph Duke possessed this three-bedroom residence, flooded his head with photo shoots and parties.

This Hollywood dwelling has ten feet tall retractable transparent walls. The walls wipe away the state line between indoor and outdoor area. Therefore, the attractive visuals of Los Angeles can be enjoyed from any point of view from the house. The stacked stone fireplace provides the minimalist room warmth and texture. From the airy black and white lounge, you can have a relaxing moment whist taking pleasure of the serene greenery beyond.

Featuring open-plan living area on the first floor and master suite on the second floor, the suspended and stepped element floats on the sparkling city. The stacked rock art and natural textures force out the setting from the usual chill modern style. It results in striking piece of the art arrangement, promoting its label as the house of the superstar.

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