The Modern Cocoon House

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Designed by Stephan Antoni Olmesdahl Truen Architects–or SAOTA, the following smooth and shiny example of contemporary architecture assimilates the outdoor-indoor living concept, along with retractable transparent doors and panels that can be moved to get in the nature and flow out the everyday living. To calmly cocoon everyone living in this home, this home can hide itself in its soft panel system on the flip side.

Located in La Lucia, Durban, the house becomes the 3rd largest city in South Africa and the biggest city in the South African province of KwaZulu-Natal.
Placed on a seaside, situated right next to the water’s edge in South Africa and being famous as the busiest port, Durban becomes the scene of a serenity and peace itself.

Either enjoying cool courtyard around or boasting glittering ocean scenery, the home is facilitated with an awesome swimming pool and a luxurious protected garden.

The indoor design is kept light and natural, supplied with many natural wood shaping the composing pillars and ceilings.

Giving warm atmosphere in the predominantly pale setting, the gentle wooden grain is also flowing into the furniture decoration.

Seen as a modern wall treatment at the bathroom, and as mezzanine path balustrades and staircase, the interior decoration has used a lot of glass to let the light flowing and reflecting, supplementing the retractable doors.


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