The Microsoft’s Interiors in Redmond Campus

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Located in Redmond, Washington, Building 4 becomes the home of Microsoft campus, a place where the office innovation circle of the firm was tested to find a way to make offices appear and work in 15 years.

Designed by Microsoft and Studio O+A, the Building 4 prototype that resulted from the assignment of deciding how the future office would look like includes the whole team of innovators, thinkers, makers, and doers.

Having seen AOL, Dreamhost, and Facebook done by this company, we are becoming accustomed with O+A style.

Here, the company continues to keep our satisfaction to the highest level.

In this future office where everybody would stay in one place, some little focus ponds are accessible to let idea flows easily, even when the great attention is strongly needed.

Providing extra indent to the open accompanying atmosphere of the studio space, the meeting rooms have choices for both informal and formal appointments.

From Seattle’s background of the styles in grunge era which consist a plethora of heavy plaid and blue denim and the wooded border, the décor concept is accrediting Microsoft’s appreciable history in the Pacific Northwest.

The casual hold hues and checkered motifs are viewed amusingly cladding the inside part of the building, filled across large open area of floor and wall treatments, giving more energy, warmth, and humor to the spacious 59,000 square feet workplace.

To ensure Building 4 becomes the central part of the campus which is full of busy activities, there is a coffeehouse with espresso machine to load caffeine and a bike area facilitated with the surrounding trails as well as bicycles for a ride to rent.


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