The Micheli Residence: White Domineering Italian House with Color Blast

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An Italian artist, Simone Micheli, decorates this Micheli Residence with an extraordinary splashes of color. Omitting the unique feature wall, this airy white residence meets palette in its accessories of active yellow and carnation pink with the adjacent of electric blue and neon green tones. Attractive textures tear the refreshing areas and tease us with the house’s history for this contemporary property has constructed since 1800. The old original walls remain arrogant, simply painted and unplastered. This condition results in spectacular distinction to the sleek and dynamical modern adds-on.

            The gentle characters of the building appear within curved cornered accessories and installations. The sleek surface and intense light echo the room’s personality.  The mezzanine level watches over the open-plan living space. From this spot, the pink sofas below look like a sweet marshmallow whilst the wall performs as juicy bars, though for some people they may be too sweet. The simple kitchen in white palette nearly immerse into the colorless cove, spreading movement and freedom atmosphere all way through. The backlit printing accent beautifies the bath and bedroom walls by giving supplementary character.

            Lets share if you think it is possible to design a colorful residence by white paint tin.


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