Stunning Feature Walls for Master Bedroom

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Not only for dining rooms and living rooms, feature walls can also be used for bedroom. Through the following thread, you might be surprised how they create vignettes of excitement in every part of the home, especially in the largest bedroom of the house.

Your headboard can give a stunning impact, as in the brown and white bedroom. The oversized cushioned headboard and the overhead canopy draped in fabric provide a romantic and classically lavish look.

To get terrific wall features, mirrors could be hung in multiples, just simply organize them over a dressing space to create impressive effect.

If you prefer contemporary style, you can imitate the décor as used in the blue green white modern bedroom. Try to add character to your headboard wall by applying a modern painting over your bed, install an abstract graphic pattern, or employ a vinyl wall sticker, it’s a quick and effective trick.

Simple wood paneling presents a cozy backdrop. As seen in the utilitarian eclectic bedroom feature wall, the wood paneling looks great combined with lugubrious black and white photograph.

Recently, master bedrooms have developed to include entertainment zone with games console, DVD players and TVs, as you can see in the white aqua blue bedroom. These set of entertainment bring opportunity for a huge statement in your interior. Inject cohesion and color, and add a shiny wall panel before the gadget menagerie.

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