Storage room is a compulsory room for every house

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Storage room is as much compulsory in a house like a bedroom or kitchen. You cannot say that storage room is a spare and a useless room.  It can be use for many purposes and can contain a lot of luggage of any kind from all over the house. It makes the other rooms of your house neat, clean and clutter free.

In storage room you can place your extra luggage from all over the home like tools, extra furniture, kitchen accessories, clothes, suit cases, baskets, buckets, tool boxes etc. you can make a long list to hold for your store room. But the question is this that a store room should pay the impression of a cutter filled room??? Obviously not.  You can organized your store room so that it could adjust the home accessories properly and in first look it does not pay any dirty of mess filled impression.

You can have partitions in your store room and fix the corners or places for the luggage and other additional accessories. Once in a week have a deep cleansing. Place all the things on the right place after use.

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