Splendid Interior Detail

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From Baku, Azerbaijan, designer Asaf Bakhshiyev presents us this grand set of interior decoration images. His collection promotes good deployment of shared and small spaces living place appear in present contemporary living.

In the irregular line of the entrance way between the living room and the hall, attributing circular shapes which have little vignettes of the space as you are getting near, an extraordinary design interest is formed.

Having modern elliptical cutouts, a mirror sides the left part to continue to the scheme along the whole space of the living area.

While you are walking into the living area, separated shelving nooks placed at various height levels, giving the plain wall additional décor. By that, it is echoing the outstanding multi-bulb lighting set that is placed from one lounge space to another area.

This small living room is decorated in such away that it makes use of every inch of style and storage available, which can be extended beyond a bigger lounge without seeming unkempt or overcrowded but becomes a tiny gem of the dwelling.

With the assimilation of a separating shelf set between the sleeping spaces, a shared kid’s room makes each child feels as if they belong the room personally.

Every sibling can have their own personal space, whereas the rest of the room is functioned as a communal playing zone. In this shared play zone, a colorful deep play rug is sparkling cozy lounging area across toy collections.


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