Space Saving Heroes-Great Ideas for Your Small Properties

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Do you feel an overwhelming need to free up your floor space? With properties becoming smaller and smaller nowadays, it is surely not an easy task to get additional space you needed at home. But you can stop your worry now because in this article, we come up with some brainy space saving ideas.

Designed by Alno, this dining furniture can be pulled into position when you want to use it and folded away when you do not. Appearing as it has no weight, this dining design has strong and thick seats that can tolerate loads up to 100 kg, balanced by a large table top.

At times when small mezzanine living space becomes popular, you can take full advantages of that unused space which lurks beneath. Cleverly giving you additional space, the following bed can be hidden below raised floor space.

Since the dawn of the Murphy bed in 1918, folding beds that appears from a wall closet have become popular. To surprise you, this ‘BedUp’ comes from the ceiling!

This a little bit expensive space saving idea, called Tower Kitchen, is designed for Warendorf by Philippe Starck. Appearing as two revolving tower-shaped interiors, each of these proportions only needs a space of 1 square meter.

Promoting larger space for all of the necessary accessories, utensils, and food, the decorations are also complemented by a dishwasher, microwave, fridge-freezer, integrated oven and a steam oven.

The next concept is designed by VestalDesign. Pushing things to the highest level, this design seating twice up as a kitchen countertop.

Do not miss these inspirational videos from Resource Furniture, showing you how to morphing furniture.


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