Sophisticated Chinese Walls Murals: Softening Your Modern Rooms

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Showing a delicate range of Chinese inspired murals, the following collection of exquisite wall coverings features landscape of cherry blossoms, butterflies and hummingbirds, together with floral wall decals and advance wallpapers representing white gray fleur-de-lis pattern. Some of them are renders, but still, they give you a great idea concerning the way they influence the aura of the room.

Natural visualization creates the best backdrop in any room of the dwelling. If it is hung behind a dining set, it appears nearly as a window to the outdoors. Otherwise, if it is placed behind newfangled TV units or other banks of entertainment equipment, it acts as a softening element in a contemporary living room.

Pictures of trees or flowers work well as a peaceful and calm boudoir theme, especially if depicted in smooth brush stroke style.

As in the floral modern wall design decal, you can apply an eye-catching decal to quickly form a headboard extension in the bedroom, presenting larger vignette for additional impact.

When you look at the green white nature inspired living room, pink white living room, and the unique hallway design, you can see that these outstanding factor walls appear to be a great way to add both interest and color to your interior décor, with huge serving of artful flair thrown in.

If you want to have an abstract motif on your walls, you can use these impressive flocked papers to bring swathes of similar grace and impact, even though they attract less attention in their subtle palettes and repetitive prints, as in the living room with pink white fleur-de-lis wallpaper as well as in the living room with white gray fleur-de-lis wallpaper.

Working brilliantly in both traditional and modern settings, these elegant wallpaper designs manage to maintain a pleasantly soft refined air, in spite of their strong appearance.


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