Solid Geometrical Interior from Geometrix

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Geometrix, a Moscow-based firm, narrowed its range of interior design in attractive volume, whimsical forms, and geometrical principles, as in the following design from this Russian firm.

This stunning model of contemporary living meets solid materials and colors which harmoniously link the entire rooms. A rectilinear, balanced kitchen space maintains the room simple. Flows in similar ambience to other rooms, the kitchen release the curvilinear shapes to the open-plan zone where pendant and monochrome arc light try to be like the elliptical form of the unique seats. Colors from parallel range provide layer and depth at the lounge area whilst the scatter cushions blend within.

Ergonomic designs are forgotten at the bath. They are replaced by a streamlined sanitary ware, giving trendy and clean feeling. At the bedroom, there is a huge headboard that links the overall setting, existing up to and above the ceiling, sided by shiny panels which cover the contemporary bedside items. The impact results in impressive sanctuary sensation. The house accessories are simple. The floor blush in light whilst the whole furniture seem to float to provide spacious ambience in the house.

Does this geometrical interior reshape your plan for your future interior design?


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