Ritzy Sales Office of Seaside Thai Condominiums

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Standing arrogantly by the Hua Hin beach, Thailand, this Baan Saan Kramm, a condominium development, is built by Sansiri Company and decorated by Somdoon Architects. This seaside town complex has a sales office nearby which operates as a front-of-house getaway that provides access opportunity for home buyers to two stunning show units and gives potential impact for home hunters to feel affection with the impressive seashore area.

Generously sized glass panels pull back to let the ocean zephyr flow easily throughout the sales office, to cool and comfort all customers and enable them enjoying the extremely good location. The panels are fully concealed inside the wooden walls for an excellent outside-inside atmosphere, but still allowing the room to be enveloped and kept dry during the rainy seasons.
Spanning the fourteen meter length, an overhead wood ceiling panel gives a framing effect on the glittering seascape, which can also be relished under the sky from the contemporary abstract feature af the stepped landscaping or a roof deck, designed by Sanitas Studio.
With a curve that looks like a sail of façade fins and a wave-shaped balcony, the double mock-up units show the best quality of architectural inspiration taken from the sea.
The beach story goes on with the interior decoration of the dwellings, with nautical reminders scattered over the display shelves and walls. Similar white and blue color drama we see strart at the sales office.
Sansiri Studio has numerous attractive building projects. We adore these themes quarters especially because they excellently reflect the profession and pastimes of their apartments.


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