Restoring a Fortified Farmhouse in Italy

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Not far from fortified farmhouse, Arrighi was a watchtower viewing over the whole Niccone Valley and Tuscany long time ago.

Resulted in an independent guest cottage and a glamour L-shaped main home, the so-called Castello, a place to live in, in Umbria, Italy, is the final outcome of very careful restoration with great attention to every detail in present years.

Once the watchtower and fortified farmhouse, the outstanding main house that has 5 bedrooms is approached with a massive courtyard which is covered with pieces of stones in front of the entrance gates, before the lovely guest cottage that involves a library, a fully-fledged kitchen, a double bedroom, plus an en-suite bathroom.

Counting back to the 11th Century, excellent Romanesque features are maintained by Arrighi, honoring the origin of the building for sure.

Giving way to additional contemporary fashion, the traditional exterior is decorated with shiny accent tones to create effect to sandstone floors and white backdrops.

Filled with sunshine, a transparent cover of external staircase tower soaks in the great sight range over the personal 2,700 acre Reschio Estate that has not been changed or damaged by people, occupied by vineyards, rolling hills, pool house and extremely large pool, olive groves, and oak and chestnut trees.

Count Antonio Bolza and his family’s two generations who owns Castello di Reschio in a tranquil countryside, a place where 50 farmhouses are spread around, have compassionately revived nearly half.


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