Renovating a Loft House in London

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Located in London, this loft house is renovated skillfully and effectively by Press Enter Design. This renovation includes interior styling, filled with soft light and natural tones, as you can see in the following fine visualization.
The overall project was to revitalize an old industrial area in to an inviting and warm private apartment, full with contemporary decoration.
The company gained successful outcomes by combining textured gray walls and soft beech wood floor, and mixing with the warmth of contemporary wooden paneling in a way that is not regular.
The designers utilize contrastive tones to make a striking finish with a lot of enthusiasm as you walk from one space to another.
A transparent door let a flash of light to flow unblocked all over the dining room, living room, office, hall, kitchen, and bedroom.
Fitted shelves are situated at the side of the walls of some areas at the dwelling, as well as in the bedroom where books become dominant over anything else, including accessories and clothes.
There are twin bedsides which have minimalist black reading lamps to lighten the whole bedtime reading material.
Situated in the bathroom, the grey grained wood express admiration of an architectural concrete finish. It is cleared by white sanitary ware that gives the effect of a hardened look. Whereas, the rest space of the house is soothed by woolen area rugs and curvaceous contemporary furniture.
The transformation of the loft interior-before and after… See the following 3D image by Press Enter design:



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