Relaxing in a Courtyard Pond of a Peaceful and Calm Home

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From India, precisely located in Bandra, Maharashta, Studio Mumbai Architects redesigned this peaceful living space, brought the dwelling into its simplest form. The living area was stripped back to the hard bones of the structure, hidden only by the trees around it. The team renovated the entire house, included an additional terrace area and floor to enable the assimilation of the natural elements, providing an environmental quiet and peaceful condition that would flow to all part of the house.

A centre courtyard hides a quiet and calm lily pad pool which reflects the clear sky above and the small slope of wooden staircase that seems to float above the water.

The generous house transition over 3 levels by a set of floating staircases which are arranged in flight arrangement provides opportunities to pause over every single level.

Protected behind wooden and glass screens, the living space is approached through a gallery which leads to a dual height living space with lime plaster walls and coordinating polished limestone floor. The large dual fold doors open the living area up to a sprawling wooden deck, providing a view to the public domain and the garden.

The interior decoration encourages the outdoor atmosphere via the use of bamboo wall features whish play with shadow and light. Whilst planted trellises serve as smooth curtains of sectioning and privacy, awaking a sensation of natural protection from the rushing lifestyle of the city life beyond.


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