Refreshing Designs of Bath Tub

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For centuries, bath tubs have been a spot to relax and refresh. Counting that the bath tub has met some changes over the years, there are various types of bath tubs, such as an old metal bath which was carried into a bedroom or front door, or the one that has fitted fiberglass design, cast iron covered with enamel roll tops, and contemporary acrylic spas. The following collection of bath tub presents a modern touch on these age old artworks, delivering tested and tried ideas into the latest bodacious fashion in design interiors.


The idea of getting the tub into the open space once again or placing it within unusual environment becomes the most noticeable part. With bubble baths situated at the centre of home library, it would be a pleasant quiet place to read while having a bath time. Just be careful with the moisture from the steam or it will unexpectedly damage your precious book collection.


Looking back to the ancient time when our ancestors having bath in the spacious outdoor, the following design enable us to enjoy the greenery surroundings though dual glazed doors.
Promoting further open designs, these bathrooms are directly connected to the bedrooms, featuring large windows through to the sleep area, some without any separating object.


For sure, contemporary designs not always give you something mobile and enjoyable, they are still tucked compactly, nestled into stepping structure or bedded in mosaic blocks.


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