Razor House: Magnificent Mansion with Exquisite Sea Viewing

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Would you spend $25,000,000 for housing? If you would, this incredible living space may choke you up. Built on eleven thousand sq ft terrain, the Razor estate highlights mind-boggling views of fresh nature and fascinating ocean. As one of AD top 100, Wallace E. Cunningham becomes the architect of this property. The dwelling itself is featuring 6 bathrooms, 4 bedroom, a magnificent two level guest house, a terrific lounge with sea view and a personal access to Black’s Beach. Probably it is the look of the spacious underground garage or the ceiling to floor glass, but it is surely quickly and cleverly creates impressive vision of the Iron Man’s Home.

Situated at a picturesque hill top, the mansion provides a magnificent endless view of the blue sea, even from the bedroom. The white spiral staircase adds dramatic ambience to the space.

Looking at the exterior, it is clearly promotes modern and luxurious living space, beautifully combine curvaceous and straight shapes.


Update (January 7th, 2012): the Daily Mail states that the living space has been sold to a mysterious buyer in the Eastern Coast of USA at USD 14.1 M.


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