Quirky Interior Close-up by Favaro

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The following photographs by Favaro put on view an arrangement of in vogue kitchens, home office, bedrooms and living rooms in fabulous new bolder neutrals and Technicolor.

Wood paneling has returned on the stage with a hit. Applying surprising splashes of bright contradictory tone and industrial reflective furniture at attractive angles to the space, this example of maintaining a modern look in opposition to a panel backdrop is both fun and slick.

There is also a long-lasting trend in bold stripe feature wall, highlighting the monochrome theme. To provide you an example, this black and white bedroom platform bed is presented and we hope you will love it as we do. These fearless black and white stripes create an extensive headboard feature on the wall. To make a statement in a sleeping space, the head of the bed becomes a perfect spot. It can he heroic and create dazzling effect, yet, the energizing style will go beyond your eye line whenever you try to relax. The linear outline is also selected in the footstep of the bed, creating a charming grand sensation and the original position of the functional open shelving scheme to the bedside.

Strongly not recommended for household with children, there are barely staircases floating at the top area in the red and white living room with contemporary open plan designs.


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