Playful Kiddy Wall Stickers

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Not On The Highstreet have successfully energized our days through their artistic wall stickers. Absolutely, they will do just the same with your child’s space! Take a look at some of them below.

Characterize your offspring’s bedroom and play zone with theme they like most. It only takes short time, unlike the expensive wallpaper or time-consuming painting. If your children share their room, stick their names above their headboards in matching color with the overall layout, as in the name letter wall stickers in light purple and white bedroom. You can also put the colorful stickers of their name on their toys. This will prevent sibling ding-dongs and create clear areas.

Tired of those ugly crafting slabs and old closets? Try bright stickers to bring enthusiasm and amusement to transform them into playful furniture. Decorate your plain wall with your child’s favorite nursery rhyme or scatter flowery stickers near your daughter’s cherished pieces.

Release your imagination and expand your creativity by letting gummy characters blend with the decorations of the room. Morph the headboard into a branch by placing a flock of bird. Stick the attractive characters near light switches, door fames, mirrors, and skirting boards, make sure to balance their proportions and tones. You can even create personal artwork by sticking them to framing and card stock. The matching items on surround wall will bring a lively effect. If you have teenager at home, simply apply wipe clean stickers. They are lovely and easy to be replaced.


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