Newspaper Office of Wirtschafts Blatt in Austria

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Having a partnership with IDFL architects, Wirtschafts Blatt, a leading newspaper from Austria, starts to design a working area which personified their brand within its building architecture, color palette, interior graphics and furniture design. The project was aiming at changing into a new spirit, necessitating a dynamic utilization and introduction of fresh feeling for a quality and motivational surrounding in which to bring together the newest finance, economic, and financial market issues for daily news and digital appliance from the Vienna-based news team.

The scheme was, to some extent, dictated by the space available, therefore the décor has separated the office into 3 areas, comprise of administration zone, production and editorial office, and a central entrance. Meeting rooms and offices at smaller size are separated from the rest with graphical transparent walls that later on set up the newspaper character, which at the same time, establish a subtly define places. The open-plan room attaches the entities to pods for internal meeting and brainstorming session and semi-secluded zone that support workspace interaction and information sharing.
The math decoration of specialized furniture gives both sound and visual division between working areas. The interior decoration allows the design to flow, while still sustaining a privacy-often-lacking within an open plan workstation.



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