New Trends in Modern Living: Make it Spacious

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Tired of your small living space? This collection of modern living spaces provides you those spaces you needed to stretch out and relax by the end of working hours. On lazy weekend, it gives you spacious living area to recharge your energy.

This room gets its brightness from the flood of light, shining from the transparent walls which stretch up to the sky. To make it perfect for tired inhabitants, this space offers inspiration by reflecting the light toward a zesty orange huge gloss panel, situated to spot the entertainment zone which becomes the central part in futuristic houses.

Giving the effect of floating from one floor to another floor, the modern staircases are open-sided.

Focusing on practicality and safety concept, the following peaceful neutral flat includes a transparent balustrade.

Functioned as a bridge of the whole length of the open plan flat, a transparent building is showcasing a hot tub decking space and bridged courtyard entranceway.

A coffee table stands in low position to allow unobstructed continuity. The adjacent set of cozy L-shaped sofas enables the spacious area to make every tired resident stays longer.

Taking total advantage of the high ceilings, the mezzanine levels become the best place of a large home library. Here, you can freely find a place for those personal book collections.

The large arc lamps are making best use of high proportions, showing their best ability to impress people.

Gaining more and more interest from every occupant, the paneled and textured walls avert spacious dimensions from being seen too empty, simple, and gallery-like.


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