Mountainside Residence in Mexico

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Agraz Arquitectos specially designed this family pad to blend it with the landscape. This dwelling gets its name, a Mountain House, due to its mountain environment in Santa Anita Gulf Club, Mexico.

The building architecture appears like a Bond villain’s home, scrambling over the 4 concrete stages. From the top floor, the sleeping areas have the most exquisite outlook because the property is located at the highest level of La Primavera Wood, the top ground of Santa Anita town.  The expansive level plan requires a bridging structure, and the designer built a flowing staircase all the way through the floors. Arriving at the garage, you need not to be worry of you left your hand phone or car key at the bedside cabinet, you can quickly get it by using a diagonal elevator.

There is a wine cellar nestling within the stone in the middle of the home, creating brightness and humidity levels while helps controls the temperature. The wine bar is connected to the living space and dining area by retractile entrance points. If you move back the transparent doors, you can have a generous social space with the season furnishes when the outdoor blends with the indoor. Do you agree now, that this exquisite residence deserve a medallion of Architectural Quality of the Project of National Academy Architecture?


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