Modern Kitchens in Japanese Flavor

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How do you know that a certain kitchen design is Japanese? Let us tell you a secret, if you see a bright feature wall with anime images and robots in the quarter, it is certainly a Japanese kitchen.

In this thread, you will find two trendy kitchens by Toyo Kitchens (but you will also see other kitchens without any robot or cartoon accessories herein). The model of this décor refers to the idea about “Living in the Kitchen”, that is to gather the objective of relaxing, eating, and of course cooking with fellow colleagues and family.

Have you ever read a book of Jonathan Swift entitled Gulliver’s Travels? The flying isle of Laputa in this story is one of the sources of inspiration of this Japanese kitchen. The design inspiration is also comes from a movie of Hayao Miyazaki “Castle in the Sky”.

Coming up in modern flavor, hardly all the kitchens here belong to identical mode. Due to the Japanese condition?where purchasing a land may cost a lot, designing a multipurpose and flexible space is strongly recommended.   Many dwellings in Japan are constructed in this way. Of course, this concept appears here too. To provide you an example, take a look at a kitchen below which integrates study and sleeping space.


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