Modern but Vintage Bathroom by Irina Schastlivaya

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Always imagine having super ordinary bathroom in your house? With sincere artwork by Irina Schastlivaya, a simple and reachable in value bathroom will be yours. Only using tiles to manipulate the seer you will make it real. Placing your own tiles on your own pattern without any knowledge about art will waste your time. But she knows what to do with your bathroom with the tiles.

Do not ever think about doing all of these jobs by yourself. You can try but you can’t make it. It seems easy to do but believe us, it isn’t as easy as it may looks! The gifted artist cleverly creates a comfy, glamour bath by applying contemporary furniture, unites them with bold tone, motifs, and tiles arrangements.

It is not an accident when she painted the pipes in a rich golden tone, chose to spar cool colored tiles with warmer colored ones, or mixed patterns all over the place. It is a prepared design which has a concept beyond our perception. Confusingly, but surely she could transform the dull bathroom into a modern and stylish one. Even when some guess it will be an overdo design, some others will consider it as an artwork which no one ever imagine before.


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