Manga, Comic, and Figurine Lovers’ Workspaces

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The best way to continuously having inspiration or creativity flowing out of your head is to surround yourself with things that inspire you in life, to spend most of your times inside of your art. The following users’ workspaces of Danny Choo provide the best example of being a great fan and include everything from artists which are adopted within the creative and comic industry, and comic and manga art aficionado from all around the world. These rooms, inspired by Japanese art are decorated with figurines and posters showing adored characters from the series, turning the room owners to be completely involved in the imaginative world, and closed the door on the real world outside.

Having those precious, much loved collection placed everywhere around you, you can draw inspiration and creativity from your hobby and employed them into your work. Those feasts may also encourage you to search and discover in greater detail, pushing you to be better at your craft. If your career is driven by your precious collection and your workspace is placed at your house, ensure you can close the door on your workspace so you can escape from those attractive Japanese arts.


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