Mandrakis Residence: A Thrilling Site of ‘When a Stranger Calls’ Film

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Produced in 2006, ‘When a Stranger Calls’ is a thriller/horror film from the director Simon West. The movie takes place in a notable home called Mandrakis Residence. Being a masterpiece, the dwelling houses indoor ponds and aviary, floating gallery beyond the living room, plus the artful home accessories. But in fact, to surprise you, this is just an imaginary house. The outdoor was taken at Beverly Hills while the indoors were all set in at the studios.
For those who did not adore the movie, the striking lakeside of the movie setting is surely grabbing your attention. The entranceway leads to a splendid barbeque. The impressive river side panorama from the deck creates a quiet and private feeling for the film plot. The modern Mandrakis Residence is proud of its serene natural environment.
At the middle of the home, there is a beautiful zen aviary with calm water feature, mysterious greenery, and wide fish ponds. The hanging platform upstairs has breathtaking lakeside viewings. There is also a home library to spend the relaxing night with.
The movie has brought inspiration to some Sims games volumes. Each, highlights classic furniture and bold hardwood floors in waterside construction.


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