Make sleek arrangements to decorate your bedroom by using your wish cards

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You must have a collection of wish cards both presented by your friends, family and loved one or your own collection. Despite of having a pile of these wish cards you can have fun decorating arrangements with them. So grab out all the cards which you buried in a drawer and play with them.

You can do many different and stylish arrangements to decorate your bedroom. You also can have a wish card album so that it will remind you your friends and all who presented their warm wishes through the cards on your special days.

You can paste your cards collection whether it is birthday card, wedding card or wish cards and others on your bedroom walls. You also can make sleek arrangements like heart shape by using your card collection. This will effect in double way, one you can remember your special days and your wishers and the second one is you can make your bedroom more decorating and appealing.

Do not waste this pile but use them in a different way pay stylish, colorful and elegant look to your room.

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