Magnificent Beachside Penthouse

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Located in Natanya, Israel, this relaxing apartment was constructed by interior design and architectural firm Domb Architects for a penthouse suite that has extra quality in the brilliant Opera on Sea project. Situated at the luxurious residential tower on the high area of rock on a coast, his high-end dual level dwelling is blessed with amazing view of the Mediterranean Sea under the clear blue skies.

While entering the abode via stylist private lobby, the scenery starts to be visible at the time you passing through the front door, because the central area has been decorated in an open plan setting where the family area, kitchen zone, dining room, and lounge meet.

The bathroom and bedroom are also designed in an open plan manner with bathtub and twin marble basin can easily be seen from the sleeping space. Nevertheless, there is a partition available every time you need more privacy. Through the big windows existing from one side to another of the room, you can see the lights of the adjacent cityscape twinkle beautifully.

The spacious living room opens out to an airy sun terrace which holds a generously sized swimming pool that also becomes accessible from the guest suit nearby, providing en suite bathroom and a four-poster bed.

The entire living space are furnished by Armani Casa, employing smooth and warm colors to create a romantic atmosphere while expressing admiration to the blue sky and vibrant sea beyond.


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