LEGO Office: An Innovative Workspace in Denmark

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From Billund, Denmark, the following LEGO office is aiming at being a zone of innovation, judging, and creativity through a cool concept of incorporating a large slide leading to the teamwork spaces.

Filled with LEGO and decorated by Rosan Bosch, the area is flooded with color that resonates in a bright surrounding. The décor help us identify the space as a place in which ideas are expanded and shared through informal meetings. The building center remains as an open space littered with meeting spots, from private pods and meeting table with built-in bonsai tree, to personalized self screening sofas and laptop bar areas.

Near the edge of the open plan workplace, more focused personal workspaces are put in a private place in chambers of LEGO merchandise showcases and displaying blocks to bring inspiration into creative heads.

An unusual usage of scale welcomes humor to the innovative space. The LEGO office architect tells that the scale idea is challenged within design aspect like tables with bonsai garden, massive grass wall detailing, and a gigantic LEGO man. These impressive designs play with scale and perception-who is small and who is big? Where does imagination start and work stop?



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