L4: The Google Offices in London Headquarters

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At the previous week in Victoria, Google present their new 4th floor called ‘L4’. Referring to the consensus that enjoyable workspaces, this zone relies on open-plan concept, comfort and creativity.

The open-plan workspace provides chances for conflict between experts when they discuss new approach or strategy. There are pool table and television, along with drums and guitars. A gym is also available to get the worker always be in good health. The other workers can have a relaxing moment while enjoying the natural and sporty ambience.

As a Google office presentation room, Colossus Tech Talk becomes a chic and spacious presentation suite. The Google office space age hallway looks great in blue palette with glowing stripped lighting to give the area a fresh feeling. At the grayish corridor, there is a Google video conference. There is also a seating point with headphones available when concentration is required.  There is a huge whiteboard attached to the walls in similar tone to record ideas that can be discussed later at the big grey dual-leveled seats with bright scattered cushions. A coffee lab provides yummy food, such as sushi, four-free restaurant, and tapas bars to recharge the energy.  With such impressive features, who wants to leave?


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