Kahana House: A Jewel in Hawaii

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Located on 1/2 acre beachside in West Maui, Hawaii, this ‘Jewel of Kanaha’ is featuring seven baths and seven bedrooms. Covering 9.000 square feet land around exotic palm trees, this remarkable property has plenty transparent walls and windows that vanish into the surrounding rock walls. These walls and windows glasses enable the ocean views to be seen from any angle from the inside of the house.Two sides of the building are surrounded by a pool and bordered by irregular stone art to provide natural ambience along with a spa and small waterfalls that cascade on the rocks. The feature walls made of rustic stone have sophisticated furniture and sunny orange colors.

When the sun shines too bright and you feel enough of the pool, there is a wide games room with a home sports bar and dark brown table of pool games inside the house.  A wide-ranging dining space has double table sets whilst the kitchen island has seating for 10 persons. Counting the available seats, this is surely a place for entertaining.With a separate enclosed kitchen butler and a spacious open-plan kitchen, this pretty mezzanine bedroom boasts spectacular views far above the luxurious dwelling.

Opposing the ocean, every single bedroom suite has outlooks of adjacent Lanai isle and Molokai glances. Possessing grand wet bar and bathroom, the chambers are decorated with seashells to create beach ambience inside. Even though the furnishings are natural, they are lavishly accessorized with flat screen televisions and deluxe headboards.The room is designed in nature-influenced colors, such as sea blue and sea green, combined with rich wood. The shiny marble floors evoke a calm white sandy beach.

Supplemented by 529 square feet Guest House with one bath and one bedroom, this property is valued at $14,900,000.


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