Interior- Geometrically Designed

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Invented by Pablo Picasso, the following reminiscent style of cubism art work is employed by Gemelli Design Studio. Through quirky abstract stripes and cool tones they create a mockery perspective and present the space from various points of view. The design itself is truly an eye candy one, but to live in such a place permanently would deliver us into severe question.

Whether you think this degree of craziness would make you mentally ill slowly, or the topsy-turvy sensation encourage a feeling of alien interior design, just as the décor of big brother home, the flat deserves appreciation as a cheerful place to spend time on weekend for its distinctive appearance which presents as a fresh deformation from the ordinary plain walls and friendly neutral palette.

This unique kitchen presents as a wild combination of steady green laser lines, not such a place you would like to stay while having a headache. In fact, the entire space of this house is designed in similar style. But the fashion itself probably brings you an energetic boost in the morning, whereas you might need caffeine to face all of this stuff.

The handy angles complexity is cleverly throwing off every dimension, promoting interest, and dividing even the tiniest space into maze zones, making a small room seemed larger by tricking the eyes from its real size.


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