Inspiring Kitchen Designs: Breaking the Grid of the Classical Shaped Kitchen

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From the South of England, several furniture designers of Splinter Works, founded by Matt Withington and Miles Hartwell in 2009, present their innovative kitchen designs that set a new trend in kitchen decoration.  The creations themselves are greatly inspired and focused on the way we prepare, cook, and enjoy food. The kitchen design visualizations below show a completely functional and soulful space which is likely to be appreciated both in routine daily tasks and social settings.

As a typical Splinter works project of the company, Tipping Point is an eye-catching sculptural element, defying the gravity in a way which cannot be expected to happen by balancing a large leaning volume on a narrow and sharp edge. The stainless steel used is polished to be as clear as a mirror, promoting bright and shiny arcs in flawless symmetry.

Has completed many projects globally, the company’s specialization is on applied art, where detail is highly accomplished and considered. To provide an example, look at the spherical kitchen cabinets which give the effect of a spinning coin. It appears as a functional piece as well as a sculpture. The layers are made of stainless steel in form of singular curving sheet.

Airy kitchen spaces bring challenges in the process of planning an effective working area. Similar to the small ones, the furniture has to be suit comfortably with the size of the kitchen. Just as in the following kitchen with wooden furniture, the designers cleverly zone the space to make typical kitchen task executed effortless.

Not merely being a kitchen expert, Splinter Works designs Vessel, a hammock-like bathtub, and a shoe shaped Stiletto desk.


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