Individuality in Kitchen Designs

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Dada, an Italian company, has bound the following kitchen decorations to inspire kitchen area with a sense of personality. Minimalist slab front units appear to be span and spick. They show their characters through the open shelving placed around them, where crowded collections can be put in such a way to bring intrigue and personality.

Just as if it is placed at any other part of the living area, artwork beautifies the kitchen area. The following sculpture with its renaissance style burst offset the contemporary fashion of a splendid white kitchen. In this kitchen, there are delicate worktops having black pattern, taking on a traditional plinth-like personality. At the artist studio, simple and rough table hints are surrounded by inspirational pieces and reference book.

If you desire the art piece to remain in the gallery, you can use open shelving to display your precious kitchen pieces, like vintage jelly moulds, shiny glassware, and soft earthenware bowls. Whether you are an expert chef or not, these amazing collections of kitchen space surely promote a confident chef aura to your cooking arena.

A tile that has pattern on it like mosaics, bring unique fashion to a smooth and shiny monochrome unit. The two-toned kitchen design with a splash of attractive color creates bright, energetic, and exciting fashion statement. Hung far away from the stove, there are papers lanterns that become the eye-catching pieces of art, cheering the bold cabinetry. If they are hanging in low position above the dining area, they spread calm lighting effect.


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