Impressive rooms for teen

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To please teenagers is not an easy job, but this collection of teenage room décor is specially created to impress the young people. Here you can find trendy flats for boys, full of new way colors and fresh ideas and fancy rooms for pretty and active girls.

This cool gray and hot pink mixing makes an energetic yet balanced concept, regardless the shocking slashes of tone doesn’t appear overwhelming.

The storage shelves that catch our attention flank every inch of the space available, maintaining teenage untidy things off the floor and books at hand when doing homework of studying.

Becoming both stylish and fun, the natural hue walls are designed with the typographical theme, skillfully catching the eyesight from the possibly appears as an unsightly bulkhead.

The next interesting architectural fashion shows off with the personally made platform bed addition.

The following young girl bedroom is full of feminine patterns. It can be seen from the delicate wallpaper as the background of sleeping area and working space, as in the fabric of beautifully cased office chair.

The sweet candy floss slight darkness is balanced by the flourishes of green apple tone elsewhere in the decoration.In this teenage lad pads, the palette is paired back to create space for generous bedcovers.A large wall mural in Beatle theme is supplemented by a loft-style uncovered brick wall and fancy road sign design.

An attractive monochrome backdrop is exposed by primary color blue and red.


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