Impressive Interiors Inspired By Asian Culture

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Vic Nguyen, an interior designer from Vietnam, presents a chilled Zen Buddism atmosphere by collecting these amazing images of Asian inspired contemporary home decoration. Nowadays, rushing hours becomes so familiar, so a little peace and calm atmosphere is always pleasing. Here, we will see how those of Asian inspired décor can bring you the precious moment to relax whilst taking the full view of modern attraction.

How can serene Buddha arts gain high popularity in Western houses? Well, for most people, the sculptures bring a temple-like peace for their chaotic homes.

The next thing to point out concerning Asian setting are the rich, deep wood colors against minimalist and clean white backdrop, and the implementation of couple items, as you can see above, at the pair of odd stools, and also below, at the lighting element of the dining table.

Smooth and fragile Fretwork panels bring an element of texture in soft wooden finishes and unprinted pattern.

At the area where warm lighting promotes a nearly golden effect, praising the blond wooden floor, there are reflective wall to create unobtrusive luxury to this living room.

Imaginative flowery wallpaper is featured by spaced wooden panel on each side, adding symmetrical characteristic to the space.

A classical platform bed is modernized by a smooth pillow-like base.

Tea tables in low position appear almost at every space in Nguyen’s design, truly must-to-have furniture in eastern culture and highly appreciated by tea lovers all over the world.


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