Handsome Offices from Airbnb

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In this article we will observe some exquisite office designs of a holiday home rental firm, Airbnb. Their new premises allow the team to move freely over the 25,000 sq ft in spacious environment decorated by Farid Tamjidi and Michael Garcia.

Located at Potrero Hill in San Francisco, these brilliant headquarters are flooded by calm brightness from the serene lighting element, supplemented by transparent separating walls. The industrial ceiling factors are decorated by peaceful items such as wall art and flowers. Color sprinkles add warmth. The airy kitchen area is cherished by SMEG fridge freezer with bright rainbow décor while the workspaces are showed clearly in bold dividers. Along with the airport evocative signage and map murals, there is a certain jiggle to the company’s travel links.
Smooth and shiny Vitra home accessories appear distinctively toward classic items to form the Airbnb ethos “a home away from home feel”. Actually, within the dear accommodation leisure from Berlin, Hong Kong, etc, the company has brought some of their lists into the work space. There are comfortable meeting rooms scattering the professional space through local lighting, cushions, rugs, and a faux window with lengthy curtains. Having their costumers sitting properly inside he doorstep, this company becomes the fastest growing business on web.


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