Handmade decoration ideas for your home

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Home decoration is a compulsory thing for every house to make it a home. So with love, affection and care you can also participate in décor of your house. Handmade decoration items can give a pure homey look for the house. There are thousands of ideas are available on internet and other you can get from books and mags about home décor. That would be a great help of you.

You can paint different motives on spare plates from your kitchen and hang them on the wall. You can make flowers with clay. You also can cover tissue box, jewelry box with some beautifully printed gift wraps. You can paint to express your imaginations.  You can make gift cards, center pieces and much more.

You can make your house colorful, glittery and bright by using beads, pearls, colors, glitters etc. You can make hundreds of decorating things just by getting an awesome idea then cut, paint, add, paste, sew etc to make a master piece for your house. Do with heart and feelings to make your house more decorative and beautiful. Keep involve your kids in this activity they would love it.

handmade decoration ideas


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