H2 Apartment-An Awesome Property in Athens

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Built by 314 Architecture Studio, this appealing property known as H2 Residence is located near the golf area of Glyfada, in the suburbs of Athens, Greece.
Split into three new single-floor apartments, each has a spacious floor of 250 m2, this building has three bedrooms and an awesome sight of Argosanoric Sea.
While serving as a chimney to release warm air in the summer, A shiny atrium gets sunlight into the secondary areas of every dwelling.
Situated below shade in the south and decorated using a bio climatic concept, the dwelling is intended to get the energy consumption at the minimal point with the natural cooling system of the water connection and the building.
Green technologies have been used all over and each material employed in the construction process was selected with great intention to keep carbon footprint at a minimal point.

Substances used in the interior decoration of this building are an array of naturally existing material instead of components made in factory. To generate a type of light, the materials taken for this design were precisely chosen.

An artificially made small lake along with a swimming pool that surrounding the building at the ground floor presents a cool calm feeling and tranquility.

The Sculptures of Gianni Aspras brings an abstract quirk amid the modernity and luxury by designing the wall of the living room.


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